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Computer Data Recovery

Data Recovery — See if we can recover your missing files


If you are not able to access the data on your internal or external hard drive, or if your computer is not working as expected, then asking MacDaddy for a diagnosis is as simple as making a phone call. If your computer “hangs” or is unable to properly startup, or if your drive is making strange clicking noises or other unusual sounds, then your first step is to quickly turn off your computer. Your next step should be to call MacDaddy for evaluating your situation. As always, phone evaluations are always free.

Accidentally delete important files?


With years of experience dealing with common–and not so common–data recovery issues, MacDaddy

can quickly assess and prescribe a solution for your problem. In many cases MacDaddy can recover

data with a few simple steps by using special software recovery tools, in other cases it may be

necessary to actually access the physical drive to repair connection or other problems.

Is your hard drive failing?

                                                                                                             Apparent data loss resulting from drive failures can be caused by a number                                                                                                                                of problems, including operating system failures, bad sectors, damaged file partitions,                                                                                                              mounting failures, on through to actual physical damage (from fire, flooding, etc) and                                                                                                                mechanical hard drive crashes. MacDaddy can work on a variety of hard drives,                                                                                                                          including standard computer hard drives, external drives, and laptop drives.

                                                                 We can help you recover it — So you don’t have to                                                                   worry

                                                                                                             In starting a data recovery procedure, MacDaddy will carry out a detailed interview                                                                                                                    with you to learn more about the circumstances leading to the failure. Your computer                                                                                                              will the be inspected and tested before a diagnosis is given on the causes of the                                                                                                                        failure. If you decided to carry out the recommended data recovery process, the drive will be removed and through both hardware and software techniques the data carefully extracted from the drive. The recovered data is then saved to a new drive and saved for you to a CD or DVD, a flash drive, or a new hard drive, according to your needs.

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