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Personal Services

Residential Computer Services


Serving Home Office Needs for Boston, Cape Ann, and the North Shore of Massachusetts MacDaddy Computers is a computer repair and consulting firm ready to meet all your personal computing needs. Whether it’s a quick troubleshooting call, replacing a hard drive, personal tutoring, or ongoing management of your home office, MacDaddy gives the help you need in a prompt, professional and cost-effective manner. With MacDaddy there are no long waits on the phone before getting an inexperienced support person, or with leaving your computer at an impersonal service depot for repair.


We Do Everything for Residential or Home Office Situations


MacDaddy Computers can support personal or home office computer setups in both a standalone and networked situation, and to keep you working productively. Because of its in-house remote management and troubleshooting tools, MacDaddy can often diagnose and repair your computer without having to make a house call.


We do everything for residential or home office situations: desktop setup and management, wireless network installation and troubleshooting, backup, repair, and system recovery. Other, more complex, services may include deciding when and why to change your Internet provider, bringing servers in-house, outsourcing Web hosting, and more. MacDaddy also possesses the experience to help you determine what software is best-suited to your personal needs.

Save Yourself the Frustrating Trip to the Mall


Unlike the frustrating support phone calls or hectic visits to the mall, MacDaddy Computers provides useful, prompt, and affordable assistance in the convenience of your home when you need it. MacDaddy’s hours are designed to fit your schedule, whether its in the evening after work, on weekends, and even holidays.


MacDaddy recognizes that the home-office user typically mixes business with pleasure on their computers, and its consulting services are tailored to work with both of these areas of activity.

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