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Tech Consulting

                                                           MacDaddy Computers provides high-quality professional consulting services for home office workers, professionals                                                            and businesses. You will find that making use of MacDaddy’s consulting services will assist in working out the best                                                                solutions and in opening up new possibilities. An array of services are available, from simple setup and installation                                                              situations on through to large office IT deployments.

                                                           MacDaddy is sensitive to the concerns of clients in making strategic use of outside consulting services, and it                                                                        structures its initial consultations to maximize the potential for resulting cost savings and for making more                                                                            informed technology choices. With almost two decades of Mac-focused experience, engaging MacDaddy for consulting services can take a variety of forms that includes both internal technology deliberations with IT staff as well as general consultations with management or staff as a whole.

Consulting topics can cover a wide range of issues, from bringing servers in-house, outsource hosting, managing desktops, storage needs, data transfer, communication frameworks, create collaborative workflows, managing IT policies, IT budgeting

and more. Discussions are also designed to help you determine what software is best-suited to your specific

professional or business needs.

Call to Set Up a Consultation!


An initial interview will first assess whether engaging MacDaddy will be useful for your needs. You can be

assured that MacDaddy will be open and frank about the potential gains in making use of its consulting

services, and that your money will be well spent. Once it has been mutually decided that consulting will lead

to tangible gains, a written agreement will be made out on what services and outcomes are expected. Rates

will be agreed upon, and a schedule of status updates and progress reports will be worked out for longer, ongoing projects. Whether the consultation is a single meeting or part of a longer-term project, you are guaranteed satisfaction with MacDaddy’s consultation services.

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