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Computer Hardware Repair and Upgrades

Memory and Storage Upgrades — a specialty!


  • Is your Computer not working as it should, is it out of warranty?

  • Are you unsure if it’s broken or is it possible that you just unfamiliar with how to carry out
    a task?


We understand that things occasionally go wrong. If your computer is not working as expected,

then asking MacDaddy Computers for a diagnosis is as simple as making a phone call.

With years of experience dealing with common–and not so common–Mac issues, MacDaddy

can quickly assess and prescribe a solution for your problem. This includes all hardware and

software, as well as a large range of third-party products.

Typical hardware repairs include:


  • upgrading or replacing a defective hard drive

  • RAM memory upgrades, display problems

  • or installing and troubleshooting a wireless network.

In most cases all data is carefully protected and preserved, and a MacDaddy specialty is the recovery of lost data. Repairs, if necessary, are performed quickly and at the least possible cost to the client. All work includes a full labor guarantee.

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