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One-On-One Training


With the rapid progress of technology and its sweeping impact on creative activity, ongoing
learning of new techniques has become a constant part of one’s work, and using computers
is no exception. Some of this can be learned by picking up the occasional tip from friends or
on the Internet, but for more significant gains the value of formal training cannot be under-
estimated. MacDaddy Computers understands the importance of knowing how to do things
to save time and to increase one’s productivity, and its training support focuses on that “next
level” of  knowledge in making noticeable gains in your use of a computer.


Training around your schedule, for your specific needs


MacDaddy Computers offers training as both single-session workshops and as multiple training classes spread over several sessions. Because of the ability to offer personalized service, With its flexible work schedule, MacDaddy can set up its training around your schedule, including evenings and weekends. MacDaddy can customize its training to suit your specific needs; little time is wasted in covering areas unnecessary for your work or in going over areas you already know. MacDaddy’s goal is to have you complete a training session with comprehensive knowledge of only the areas of interest to you, and it focuses on more advanced operations to increase your productivity.


Whether you’re just learning the ropes, or having trouble with some new software


MacDaddy Computers can assist novice users in developing a higher level of expertise in using the operating system, or it can work with more advanced users in specialized application software. Areas of special expertise for MacDaddy Computers are the realms of image, video and audio production. MacDaddy Computers possesses extensive experience with the “Pro” applications from Apple Final Cut for video production and Logic Studio for audio work. MacDaddy Computers is fully at home in the film or music studio, and can provide effective training in all aspects of video and audio production.

                            Schedule training today

                                                     Getting started with training is as simple as setting up an initial request interview for assessing your particular needs                                                            and objectives. MacDaddy Computers will then recommend the best approach for your acquiring the expertise you                                                              need to take your computer knowledge to the next level.

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