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Home Wireless

Installation and Troubleshooting Specialists


Few enhancements in your computing environment are as transformative as introducing a wireless

network into your home. More and more home and home office users are making the switch from a

“tethered” desktop computer to a portable notebook computer. With a laptop you are free to work and

make use of your computer wherever you want, including outside your home on a balcony or a patio.

This freedom is not only a more ergonomically pleasant way to do your computing, it also opens up

news uses for your computer and makes you more productive.


Having connection issues?


Though significantly easier to setup and configure than in previous years, wireless networks can still be prone to occasional glitches and other hangups. MacDaddy Computers provides a wide range of services for your home network needs, from providing up-front advice on how to build and install your home network, on through to making full-service calls to get a down network up and running again.


We’ll fix the glitch


In addition to performing simple installations, MacDaddy Computers recognizes that a wireless network can be finicky at times, and getting it back                                                     up and running may be as easy as resetting the network, or it may require going through more progressively serious

                                                  troubleshooting procedures. MacDaddy has configured its service offerings to fit your specific needs and budget, giving                                                   you the peace-of-mind that you will know the nature of your problem and what it will take to make it fully operational                                                       again. A simple phone call is all that is needed to get started!

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