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Owning a new computer is one thing, configuring the

software environment for your particular needs is

quite another. Computers are multifaceted, complex

machines, and what you get out of them depends on

the software you install and learn to master.

MacDaddy Computers can tap into its 30 years of

corporate software experience in addressing your

needs. In addition to MacOS and iWork, MacDaddy

possesses in-depth working knowledge of the most

important corporate software packages, from the

Adobe Creative Cloud line of applications on through

to the Microsoft Office Suite for both the Macintosh and Windows. This includes the “pro” line of Apple software applications like Logic Pro and Final Cut. With many years of hands-on experience with these pro apps, MacDaddy can assist you at all levels of support, from making purchase decisions on through to advanced training.

MacDaddy software management services can be customized to address your specific needs– so give us a call!

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