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Computer Purchase Advice and Installation Support

Hardware Installations and Setup


Are you a business owner or an office manager considering the purchase of several new computers for

your staff? Are you a home-based creative professional uncertain about setting up your studio? Or are

you considering upgrading your desktop for your home office? MacDaddy Computers is here to help!


With its 30 years of experience, MacDaddy Computers knows computers inside and out. MacDaddy keeps

abreast of the latest developments in hardware and peripherals, and is ready to advise you on the optimal

equipment to address your specific situation and needs. MacDaddy uses the best suppliers in obtaining

needed parts in both repairing and upgrading your personal computer, and you can feel confident that

its professional technicians will bring your computer back to like-new condition quickly and efficiently.

Trouble-Free Hardware Management

For both the home office environment and for corporate offices, MacDaddy understands the specific needs for most computer situations. Whether this means assisting you with the purchase, setup, and configuration of your new laptop and printer, or if its helping your IT staff purchase, configure, and network several systems for a larger office situation, MacDaddy Computer Repair can assist you with something as simple as purchasing advice or as much as assuming full control of purchasing, installing, and setting up multiple computers in an office network. A quick phone call is all that is necessary to get started!

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