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Serving IT Needs for Boston, Cape Ann, and the North Shore of Massachusetts

Serving IT Needs for Boston, Cape Ann, and the North Shore of Massachusetts

MacDaddy Computers offers a wide range of personal and business services. From home office on through to corporate business environments, MacDaddy provides expert and affordable support for all your computing needs. Whether it’s quick troubleshooting, a repair call, one-on-one training, or ongoing management of your business technology systems, MacDaddy is prompt, professional, and cost-effective.

MacDaddy computers has businesses and individuals covered


No problem is too big or too small. We repair all types of hardware and software malfunctions on Macs, PCs, iPhones, and iPads, along with internet networks and printers. For ongoing IT administration support, MacDaddy Computers supplies all of the professional services expected of an in-house IT manager.

Taking advantage of our IT administration services saves both time and money for North Shore businesses, since all computing responsibility can be confidently shifted to our staff. Under a MacDaddy Managed Service Agreement, the long-term costs for IT can be significantlyreduced.

Individuals don't need to speak geek lingo to feel confident in our work. We keep things simple and to the point, and we believe in quality customer service. 


• Diagnosis

Is your computer, tablet, or phone having a problem but you're not quite sure what the cause is? No problem. We can troubleshoot the issue and get to the root cause. We only charge $35.00 for diagnosis, and we waive that fee if you opt for either a repair or a replacement. 

• Big or Small, We Can Help You & Your Business


MacDaddy possesses the experience to take on your business’ IT needs and manage them quickly and efficiently. We do everything for both smaller office and corporate businesses: desktop setup and management, server configuration and administration, network services, help desk, remote administration, backup, repair, and system recovery. No problem is too small or too big for us. We have a team of specialists in house and out of house to cover every repair type, or computer problem. 

• Complex Macintosh/Windows Environments – a MacDaddy Specialty


MacDaddy Computers is equipped to work in both small business and corporate environments, as well as remotely

from its own servers. While Apple-based systems are Macdaddy’s specialty, full support I also offered for hybrid

environments employing both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows computers, including Microsoft Small Business

Server or OS X Server. We fix broken Mac OS installations, Windows drivers, and more. 

• Hardware repair


Liquid spill? Question mark on startup? Screen cracked or blank? We: replace screens, replace hard drives, motherboards, RAM, processors, keyboards, fans and cooling systems, modems, printers, and more. Bring your computer or device in to our store for hardware related issues, or call 978-515-7552 to talk about your potential repair with one of our professionals. 

• Software


Computer running slow after some time, or after a recent software update? Need a recommendation for a browser, or other type of program / app? We cover tune-ups, software installation, software troubleshooting, and more. We fix email problems. Virus problems. We help install programs like zoom or adobe photoshop, and much more. 

You don't need an appointment to have access to our services. More than half of our business is initiated by walk-ins. You can also visit our contact page to send an email, stop in at 238 Main Street - Gloucester, or call 978-515-7552

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