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Radioshack is back in Gloucester!

Radioshack Sign

In 2017 MacDaddy Computers, and our partner Abacus Computer Repair, teamed up with Radioshack to bring back their assortment of tech, gadgets, DIY gear, parts and more. Customers often voiced their frustration over both the fact that Radioshack had changed their business model and the fact that they subsequently closed down almost all of their stores, including the Gloucester, Ma location on eastern ave. 

After some investigating, Thad found that they were still doing online business, and his curiosity eventually led to a new deal that is bringing their old products, that they were best known for, back to Gloucester in our Main Street store location.

We're techies at heart, who loved taking electronics and gadgets apart as kids, and who simply never grew out of it, so we were just as frustrated when there was no one in the area to go to any longer, and we are just as exited that they are back in our town... (maybe even a little spoiled now that we have all of it at arms length every day). 

Radioshack store Gloucester
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