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“In 25 years, I’ve worked with plenty of people who generally try to do what Thad does. But not one who was ever really him. Nothing ever stumped Thad. If anything ever irritated him — like, say, people who know very little and still want to act superior and impatient  — he never showed it. Thad was always a calm, unflappable, knowing smile. And then he just took care of things. And isn’t that what anybody/everybody wants?”

– Amy Hunt, SVP, Group Creative Director

“Thad is the most capable Mac guy I’ve ever come across. Knows ’em inside and out. In 7 years, never had a problem he couldn’t fix. Extremely patient and easy to work with even when the real problem happened to be user error.”

– Chris Lee, VP, Creative Director

“Thad is the most capable Mac guy I’ve ever come across. Knows ’em inside and out. In 7 years, never had a problem he couldn’t fix. Extremely patient and easy to work with even when the real problem happened to be user error.”

– Chris Lee, VP, Creative Director

“There is an IT department, and there are those who understand the scope of what their clients do everyday and make sure that technology, memory, software glitches are not in the way of success. There are people that read manuals and know what do, and there are creative counterparts that just so happen to have IT on their business card and completely know how to diffuse the stress of the situation at hand, and find solutions to a problem quickly and efficiently. Thad is the guy you want there. With years of experience, charisma and confidence he is an incredible asset in any working environment. I would recommend Thad, his bona fide skills, great demeanor, and overall work ethic in a heartbeat.”

– Chris Brady, VP, Associate Creative Director

“Thad is outstanding with technology and especially Macs. Thad remains current and knowledgeable with new technologies and unexpected solutions. He’s also a hard worker, really trustworthy and great with people both individually and with large groups. He got us out of crisis many times. Thad is great at what he does. I would be happy to work with him anytime.”

– Mitch Lunsford, SVP | Group Creative Director

“Thad Bernard is one of the best Apple and Mac IT support professionals you could ever work with. I have worked with Thad and benefitted from his support, technical knowledge, problem solving skills and responsiveness for the last 18 years. Whether you need a member of an IT staff, and individual to run all your Mac systems, or simply personal help assessing, configuring and installing a home system, I can’t think of anyone better than Thad. I have used him professionally to keep my entire creative staff supported, happy and effective. I have used him for all of my own professional Mac and Apple needs at the office. And have retained him for counsel and assistance for my own home WiFi network. I can’t think of anyone I could depend on more, not only for getting it to work, but for helping me understand how to use it. If you have any questions or want to talk in person about Thad’s experience, talent, and professionalism, please don’t hesitate to call me.”

– Edward Boches, Chief Creative Officer

“Put simply, Thad is one of the nicest people that I have ever met. And by now, I have met a few so that is really saying something. Thad was the IT magician of the creative department. Whenever any IT issue came up which was a lot with me because I’m kind of high maintenance when it comes to computer stuff, Thad would be there with a smile and answer. And if he didn’t have an answer he would stay there until he figured it out. Unlike a lot of IT guys he has no arrogance.

You’d think that being a Bassist for the band ‘The Cars’ would give him a big head but it didn’t. True story by the way. I strongly recommend getting him in your agency for a Consultation. He’s a gem.”

-- Mark Wenneker, Executive Creative director

“I’ve known Thad for several years and respect his breadth of experience both as a music professional and as a computer specialist. He possesses a solid understanding of music production on stage and in the studio, and his computing skills permits him to apply creative solutions to a wide variety of music situations. In working with him on a regular basis, I know that he stays current with the latest software developments in all aspects of music production. As a practicing musician, Thad is able to experiment and make use of his knowledge of technology regularly on stage and when working in the studio. His approach to creative situations is methodical and reflective; he listens well and engages others in coming up with the best approach to a client’s needs. Because he is actively involved in the entire spectrum of music production, from crafting songs on through to the final recording, Thad is able to provide formative ideas as well as to manage all aspects of a client’s audio portfolio. A diligent and conscientious professional, I can’t recommend him highly enough for most kinds of audio production.”

– Roger Brisson, Graduate Student, Massachusetts

“Thad is a hard worker, detail oriented, multi-talented man. His character as well as his work is beyond reproach. Anyone would be extremely fortunate to have him in their company.”

– Colleen Arabian, Office Manager

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